This page contains supplementary figures for the following paper:

K. Rodden and X. Fu, Exploring How Mouse Movements Relate to Eye Movements on Web Search Results Pages, Proceedings of ACM SIGIR 2007 Workshop on Web Information Seeking and Interaction [PDF]

Figure S1: Keeping the mouse still while reading (user 16). The image on the left shows the eye movements, and the image on the right shows the mouse movements. The areas of the circles are proportional to the amount of time that the user was fixating on (or had their mouse pointer over) that point. The numbers indicate the sequence of movements.
Figure S2: Using the mouse to mark an interesting result (user 14). As above, eye movements are on the left and mouse movements on the right. Here, the mouse was used to mark result 1 and then result 3 as interesting, before the user eventually decided to click on result 5 (hovering over its title while reading its snippet, and then leaving the mouse there while checking result 6).